Idaho Medicare Advantage Insurance Made Easy

If you’ve just started investigating your Medicare Advantage Insurance options or you’re considering switching plans, you’re forgiven for feeling more than a little confused.

Simple and straightforward it isn’t! Loaded with possible pitfalls that could cost you serious money, it certainly is!

Even if you’re just thinking about taking out the same coverage a friend or relative is already happy with, you could be heading off in the wrong direction.

Save yourself the time, the worry and the money by calling in the experienced support of the Medicare Advantage experts at Insurance Services of Idaho.

We’ll explain to you how Medicare Advantage plans work, review your options at no cost and secure the right coverage to meet your needs, your priorities and your budget.

Understanding Idaho Medicare Advantage Insurance

In very simple terms, Medicare Advantage Insurance programs are substitute health insurance plans for people who qualify for Medicare.

They’re offered by private companies who contract with Medicare to provide all your Part A and Part B benefits. If you don’t know what Parts A and B are, don’t worry; we’ll explain them to you.

In addition, many Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage, which otherwise you might have to buy separately.

But that’s just the start. There are scores of different plans including HMOs, PPOs, Fee-for-Service, special needs and Medical Savings Account plans.

Furthermore, available plans depend on where you live. In Idaho’s 32 counties, the number of available Medicare Advantage plans varies between just one or two and up to 22.

How Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC Helps You

Each Idaho Medicare Advantage Insurance plan is different from the others — perhaps in terms of what it covers, what your co-pays will be or how much your premiums will cost.

Or it may be that you prefer to stay with Original Medicare and just purchase a top-up or Medigap supplemental insurance plan instead. We can explain this to you too.

It could take you a long time to identify which plans are available to you and then to sort through and compare them.

But there’s no need to do that. We’ve already done it and our experts can help you understand your options as well as some of the confusion around the so-called “donut hole” in prescription medication charges.

We also work with all the leading reputable companies offering Idaho Medicare Advantage insurance, so we can secure the best value deal for your health circumstances and other needs.

And if you already belong to another Medicare Advantage program and are thinking of switching to another, or if you’re currently in Original Medicare with a Medigap policy and trying to work out if you should opt for Medicare Advantage, we can help you work out the pros and cons.

Local Expertise and Support

Furthermore, by working with Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC, you’re drawing on the expertise of Medicare Advantage Insurance experts who know how the program operates in our state.

Plus, as a state-wide agency, we’re local and we’re dedicated to first class customer service. That means we stay in touch with our clients and regularly monitor their needs, looking out for opportunities to improve coverage and value.

We’re also here to answer your Medicare Advantage Insurance or Medigap Insurance questions, advise you of any changes in coverage or regulations and what they mean to you, and help you if you have problems with filing claims or managing your policy.

Totally Free Service

As well as your health, you’re most worried about costs for your Medicare Advantage cover. So, here’s what you need to know:

  • We don’t charge you for our consultancy and advisory services. They’re totally free.
  • You won’t end up paying any more by insuring through us than you would if you went straight to one of the insurance companies. And you could end up paying a good deal less by using our services.

Stop worrying and get the answers and help you need by contacting Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC right now. We’re here for you and we’re standing by to help.