Boise Flood Insurance

Who Knows When It Is Going To Happen?

A heavy winter snowpack and sudden warm spring rains can cause runoff to exceed the capacity of upstream reservoirs. There will be a time when the river will not be controlled within the river channel, and significant flooding will occur.

According to historical records the Boise River has a significant flood event every 25 to 40 years.  The last major event was over 25 years ago.

The project manager studying the risk of flood to Boise City recently said, “We really believe it’s not a matter of if, but when.”

Enormous Loss

Many people think that their home insurance policy will provide some protection in the event of flood.  NOT SO!

So whether you live in Boise or other parts of Idaho, if you are near a river, lake or stream, the risk of flood is there.

Contact Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC and receive a thorough education on how flood insurance works in Boise. We will review what it covers and how affordable flood insurance is.

Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC

Flood insurance protection is meaningless after a flood. Plus, a flood insurance policy usually requires a 30 day waiting period before it can take effect. So act now!

At Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC we have insured the residents and business of Boise from unpredictable flooding since 2002. It is one of the specialties of our agency. We will make sure we share all of our knowledge with you.

When you can minimize risk from flooding for such a small cost, you have to do it. You have to protect your family and your assets. Complete the Protection Savings Form today for a free quote. The flood insurance veterans at Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC will forever ease your fears of flooding.