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What is “Full Coverage” Car Insurance?

Everyone has heard the term “full coverage” when talking about their auto insurance.  So what is it? Well, full coverage means different things to different people…..  sounds strange, I know.  But full coverage car insurance is a confusing label. Full coverage to a auto loan provider or a car salesman is a policy that not […]

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Why Buy Car Insurance From An Independent Agent?

Who should you buy your insurance from?  It seems there are lots of choices, so which one? Well an Independent Agent is working for YOU, not the insurance company.  What??  That is right….  a lot of agents represent ONLY ONE COMPANY.  An Independent Insurance Agency, like Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC works with many insurance […]

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Whats Wrong With Cheap Auto Insurance?

Are you asking your self what is wrong with having CHEAP auto insurance?  Well, if you think the answer is nothing….. you made be in for a very RUDE awaking. Cheap auto insurance is stripped down coverage.  It may contain minimum limits that don’t provide enough money to properly protect you if you cause an […]

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