Save Money and Hassle with this Custom Idaho Trucking Insurance Plan

You want the best value Commercial Truck Insurance in Idaho? You’re in the right place right now.

You want Truck Insurance experts who represent your interests, not the insurance company’s? That’d be us.

You want a Trucking Insurance program that’s tailored to the very specific needs of your business? Look no further.

At Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC, we’ve been providing Commercial Truck Insurance for businesses across the state for many, many years.

We’ve built a reputation for service and value that others find hard to match and we’ve developed a trucking insurance program with options that can be customized for your business and your vehicles.

That means you don’t end up paying for coverage you don’t need — but you always know that you’re properly protected for the risks you face.

The Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC Truck Insurance Program

We build your own custom Trucking Insurance plan based on options from three key components:

First, we can protect all types and sizes of commercial trucking companies including owner/operators and leased vehicles.

Second, we can cover any type of commercial vehicle including semis/18-wheelers, construction vehicles, flatbeds, roll-ons, vans and box trucks.

Third, we can build in options from the widest possible range of individual elements. These include:

  • Liability and medical payments insurance for bodily injuries
  • Coverage for property damage
  • Protection for damage to your own vehicles, including bobtails
  • Protection against uninsured or underinsured at fault drivers
  • Insurance of cargo against damage, fire or theft — including high-value and high-risk cargoes
  • Towing coverage
  • Trailer and trailer interchange insurance
  • Reefer breakdown
  • Unattended truck insurance
  • Fast insurance certification

The business experts at Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC can also secure competitively-priced protection for all other aspects of your business, from commercial general liability and property coverage through to policies covering employees, loss of profit and business disruption.

Get the Value Truck Insurance Deal You Want

Once we’re agreed on the scope of your trucking insurance policy, we’ll secure the best available deal for you.

We work with all the leading, reputable insurers in Idaho, so we can shop around and negotiate the right policy at the right price.

We can also arrange to spread your premium payments across the year and often identify discounts for things like a safe driving record, multiple insurance policies and higher deductibles.

Plus, we continuously monitor truck insurance rates in Idaho so we can pinpoint changes and opportunities for further savings.


Local Expertise and Support

By working with Insurance Services of Idaho, you’re drawing on the expertise of local Truck Insurance experts.

We’re dedicated to first class customer service. That means we stay in touch with our clients and regularly monitor their needs, looking out for opportunities to improve coverage and reduce rates.

We’re here to answer your Truck Insurance questions, advise you of any changes in coverage or regulations and what they mean to you and your business.

We also know, as an owner operator or fleet operator, how important it is for you to be on the road, stay on the road and get back on the road as quickly as possible after a mishap.

We’ll pull out all the stops to help in any way we can, for example by helping you file a claim or ensuring you have lease/rental truck coverage in your trucking insurance policy.

Totally Free Service

We know that costs and savings are as important to you as being properly protected. So, here’s what you need to know:

  • We don’t charge you for our consultancy and advisory services. They’re totally free.
  • You won’t end up paying any more by insuring through us than you would if you went straight to one of the insurance companies. And you could end up paying a good deal less by using our services.

Stop worrying and get the Trucking Insurance answers and help you need by contacting Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC right now. We’re here for you and we’re standing by to help.