All-in-One Idaho Bar Insurance and Tavern Insurance — Competitively Priced!

How would you like to protect your bar or tavern in a single insurance package that covers only the options that apply to your business and comes at a price you’d find hard to beat, anywhere?

You can. At Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC, we’ve developed a custom, multi-coverage Bar Insurance program that can be tailored to the specific needs of your operation.

That means we can work with to identify your Tavern Insurance coverage and options and build them into a simple package that protects everything you need while meeting your budget priorities.

Alternatively, if you already have insurance for some aspects of your business, such as building coverage or employee-related insurance, we can keep those in force and add to them from our wide range of protection options.

In other words, we offer total flexibility to meet your Bar and Tavern Insurance requirements.

The Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC Tavern and Bar Insurance Program

Here’s a quick overview of those coverage options. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain them and help you identify what you need). They cover not only bars and taverns but also Nightclub Insurance.

  • Protection for your business property, furniture and other contents against multiple risks including fire and theft.
  • Separate flood insurance
  • Liquor Liability Insurance. This is specific bar liability insurance that covers property damage or physical injuries caused by patrons who have become intoxicated in your bar.
  • Assault and Battery Liability Insurance. If a fight breaks out in your establishment, you may be held liable if it can be shown that you failed to provide a safe environment for your customers.
  • Coverage for customer claims relating to sickness caused by food or alcohol that you service. You could be held liable for medical expenses and punitive fines. Product Liability Insurance will protect you.
  • Food spoilage.
  • Garage Keepers’ Liability Insurance. This is necessary if your bar or nightclub provides a valet service.
  • General commercial liability insurance for other risks, such as someone tripping or slipping in your building.
  • Employee related insurance coverage including disability, workers’ compensation and employee dishonesty.
  • Mechanical equipment breakdown.
  • Hacking of your computer data systems or data theft.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance — for example if you transport supplies or deliver food.
  • Business interruption insurance — in case your operations are disrupted by circumstances beyond your control.
  • Insurance for catering special events and off-site activities.

Why Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC?

As you can see, we’ve got you covered not matter what risks you want to protect with your Bar Insurance, Tavern Insurance or Nightclub Insurance. But there’s much more to our service than that.

For a start, we work with several leading, reputable Idaho insurance companies, which means we can secure the best possible, customized coverage, as well as shopping around for the best deal

We can also arrange to spread your premium payments across the year and often identify discounts for multiple insurance policies with the same company or higher deductibles.

Plus, we continuously monitor Bar Insurance rates in Idaho so we can pinpoint changes and opportunities for further savings.

We’re dedicated to first class customer service. And we’re here to answer your questions, provide risk management guidance and support you if you need to make a claim.

Totally Free Service

We know that costs and savings are as important to you as being properly protected. So, here’s what you need to know:

  • We don’t charge you for our consultancy and advisory services. They’re totally free and without obligation.
  • You won’t end up paying any more by insuring through us than you would if you went straight to one of the insurance companies. And you could end up paying a good deal less by using our services.

The bottom line: We’ll make it easy for you to get the Bar or Tavern Insurance you need. Get in touch with us now and we’ll show you how.