Why Buy Car Insurance From An Independent Agent?

Who should you buy your insurance from?  It seems there are lots of choices, so which one?

Well an Independent Agent is working for YOU, not the insurance company.  What??  That is right….  a lot of agents represent ONLY ONE COMPANY.  An Independent Insurance Agency, like Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC works with many insurance companies.

So instead of forcing you into a car insurance company that doesn’t “FIT” and doesn’t provide the best “VALUE” for you, an Independent Insurance Agency shops the market to find the “RIGHT” insurance, that provides the best value and coverage to fit your need.

And there is more…..  when things change, you get a different car, you get married, your teenager gets a license… an Independent Insurance like Insurance Services of Idaho, LLC can be sure that you are getting the best value once again, without you having to shop all over town and wasting time and money.

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