Whats Wrong With Cheap Auto Insurance?

Are you asking your self what is wrong with having CHEAP auto insurance?  Well, if you think the answer is nothing….. you made be in for a very RUDE awaking.

Cheap auto insurance is stripped down coverage.  It may contain minimum limits that don’t provide enough money to properly protect you if you cause an accident.  For example, lets say you have the minimum limits for your liability coverage.  In Idaho that means there would only be up to $25,000 available to pay someone you may injure in an accident.  While that may handle a minor accident, send someone to the hospital and have a surgery or two and you are stuck with a huge bill.  The insurance company will only pay its limit, this rest is up to YOU.

Don’t get stuck with CHEAP auto insurance, let us help you find the right Affordable Auto insurance to keep you protected properly.

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